With over 20 years of experience Matt has created countless award-winning & successful brand campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies. Companies like Target, UnitedHealthcare, Geek Squad, Best Buy, Optum, Intel and more.

A trained art director and graphic designer, Matt is a visual storyteller that has covered many mediums throughout his career. From print ads, TV campaigns, packaging, digital experiences of all sorts and product design. He's a rare breed of combined disciplines & skills offering creative leadership, marketing strategy & positioning, user experience design and brand building.

Speak with him about music or movies and their intricacies and you'll need a chair and a glass of water.

His charm is centered within a bedrock of Midwest vales where he is celebrated for being insightful, of clever wit, even-keeled, fun and the epitome of cool.

Matt lives in Minneapolis with a beautiful wife whom keeps him centered & honest, 2 daughters who are amazingly more creative now then he was at their age, and a happy-go-lucky black schnauzer. You'll see him out running around the city lakes. Every day.

Bonus extra: there have been some misconceptions about Matt, namely....that he plays in a band, rides a motorcycle, skateboards, runs marathons.

Work History